Gun Class

This private course for 2-3 students (minimum 2 students, up to 3 total), held in the comfort of your own home, provides comprehensive, hands-on, individualized handgun training, and live-fire exercise at a local gun range.  

You will learn about: Safe gun handling techniques, pistol parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, and pistol maintenance.

Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a certificate which can be used to apply for a permit to carry a concealed handgun in Virginia.

Course Fee - $175 per person, which covers:  

  • Private, individualized instruction
  • Convenience of training in the comfort of your own home
  • Use of eye and ear protection
  • Firearms rental
  • Ammunition (if you bring your own firearm, you will need to bring 1 box of ammunition for each person)
  • Targets
  • Certificate of completion

***Range fees not included ($20 per person, payable directly to the range)

Click here for available class dates and to sign up.