Handgun Safety Courses

I learned the value and importance of personal defense and firearms safety in the United States Army, where I served for nine years.

The inspiration for B-A Hard Target came after my wife and daughter reluctantly agreed to take a pistol safety course. The results were amazing! They immediately lost their "fear" of guns and have become avid shooters. I am eternally grateful to Erica and Teresa from the Pistol Packing Ladies.

Vet Badge

How comforting, as a husband and father, knowing that my wife and daughter can defend themselves. They are not easy prey for a criminal; they became hard targets!

What could I do to remove other people's fear of guns, and help them Be A Hard Target???

So...building on my military experience and training, and after taking the required certification courses...B-A Hard Target, LLC was born.

Are you ready to B-A Hard Target?